Conférence d’Iwona Kurz “Propaganda pictures and Afterimages”, 26/01

Ce jeudi, 26 janvier, de 16h à 18h, une conférence spéciale a lieu à l’IHTP (59 rue Pouchet, 75017). La chercheuse polonaise, Iwona Kurz, fera une intervention sur le thème suivant :

“Propaganda Pictures and Afterimages. Visual Memory of Auschwitz in Poland”
Year 1989 makes a borderline for many changes and phenomena of Polish culture. It marks also shift in common memory resulting both from new perspectives in politics of the state and from universal factors, most of all – time. Memory of Auschwitz is nowadays not memory, or even not post-memory as Marion Hirsch coined it – it is rather pulp memory consisting of recurring media images and associations. The topic of Auschwitz, as both site of Shoah and place of suffering of thousands prisoners, is still present in public debate in Poland. In my talk I would like to confront official image of the former camp (posters, media coverage), responses of individuals to it (e.g. You Tube clips), and chosen works of Polish visual artists (Żmijewski, Bałka, Libera, Althamer). My aim is to point specific clusters of memory, its iconic props and figures (gate, stripped uniform, barbered wire, gas chamber) and their meaning in nowadays imaginary.

Iwona Kurz, PhD – head of Department of Film and Visual Culture in the Institute of Polish Culture at University of Warsaw. Main field of interests: gender studies, history of Polish culture of XX century in visual studies perspective, anthropology of body and everyday life, anthropology of visual culture. Author of Twarze w tłumie [Faces in the Crowd. Views of the heroes of collective imagination in Polish culture 1955-1969; Bolesław Michałek Award for the best film studies book in 2005; Nike (Literary Award): short-listed for the best book in 2005], co-author of Obyczaje polskie. Wiek XX w krótkich hasłach [Polish Everyday Culture. 20th Century in Short Entries, 2008], editor of Film i historia. Antologia [Film and History. Anthology, 2008], Antropologia ciała. Wybór tekstów i zagadnienia [Anthropology of Body, 2008].

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